Passive Damping Solutions

The Monroe OE Solutions portfolio of passive shock absorbers includes monotube and double-tube designs in conjunction with advanced base valves and a range of innovative, highly versatile new Monroe® Ride refine™ add-on valves.


DRiV’s Multi-Tuneable Valve system offers a uniquely broad range of tuning options. MTV enhances damper performance by providing a more precisely defined blend of ride, handling and NVH.


An extension of MTV technology, the MTV CL adds digressive characteristics for enhanced handling performance. This solution is appropriate for all LV segments.


This passive piston valve technology brings digressive characteristics to double-tube damper valves to provide enhanced comfort tuning capabilities.


The RV+ standard piston valve technology is applicable to monotube and double-tube dampers. The basic rebound clamped disc valve offers a cost-efficient design that is available in all DRiV standard sizes.


The best-in-class MCx valve delivers low damping force at low speed and digressive compression characteristic attributes preferred for high-end vehicle applications.

Monroe® Ride Refine™ HCS valve, a new tunable end-stop technology that supports global automakers’ electrification and vehicle lightweighting strategies.

Monroe® Ride Refine™ RC1 add-on valve utilizes frequency dependent damping to smooth out high-frequency wheel motions. This add-on valve is highly tunable, enabling vehicle manufacturers to select the ideal comfort profile for short piston strokes in each vehicle model.

Monroe Ride Refine SDD (stroke dependent damping) add-on valve provides highly refined, luxury-level ride characteristics. SDD technology dramatically enhances comfort by improving plushness and road isolation, enabling manufacturers to tune vehicles for greater everyday comfort with minimal impact on handling. SOP 2022.