Find your perfect suspension

Monroe® Intelligent Suspension adapts to changes in the road or driving situation. Our base technology lets the driver decide between two settings based on their driving preference. Our most advanced systems detect changes in the road surface and driving conditions for the ultimate driving experience.


Continuously Variable Semi-Active Suspension (CVSA) with external valve technology senses the road and driving conditions to independently adjust four dampers in real time for a more comfortable and controlled ride. An externally mounted electronic valve is linked to the vehicle’s driving mode control, so the system can perfectly match the driver’s needs.

Proven and improving

CVSAe technology lets you switch between driving modes on demand to bring a more comfortable - or adventurous - ride experience, depending on your preferences.


CVSA2 is the latest generation of our suspension with lightweight, semi-active dampers. Each damper features two electro-hydraulic valves. They control rebound and compression motions independently, delivering a larger tuning range for even higher levels of comfort and control. CVSA2 is scalable to our more advanced KINETIC® suspension system.

High performance

CVSA2 is designed for super-cars and ultimate-performance SUV’s.


The CVSA2/Kinetic® suspension system delivers the lowest energy consumption in the high performance vehicle market. Its Kinetic® roll control system eliminates the need for roll bars, reducing car weight while giving superior drive performance. Its handling of roll and traction makes it the ideal solution for the demands of the off-road SUV and sports car drivers.

Experience the feeling of roll control

Unique roll control technology lets drivers adjust roll stiffness manually in line with road or off-road challenges.

High performance

CVSA2/Kinetic® is designed for super-cars and ultimate-performance SUV’s.

Control Logic

Continuously adapting to the road thanks to a tailored advanced digital control


CONTROL LOGIC are the algorithms in charge of collecting what’s happening around the vehicle, gathering all the information coming from the vehicle sensors, and transforming it real-time into signals for the intelligent dampers to adapt the behavior of the car in every situation.

Software & ECU

DUAL MODE selective damping offers drivers the duality of supple comfort and thrilling sportiness. All at the touch of a button. Four electronically controlled dampers connect to a simple control unit to switch the on/off valve in each damper. It’s the ideal solution for an easy drive or a day at the races. Dual Mode was named 2016 winner of Vehicle Dynamics International Magazine car of the year.

Dual mode

Touch button technology lets the motorist switch from a feeling of comfort during the daily commute to a fast car-like driving experience on the open road.