Dual mode

Road & track. Comfort & sport.

DUAL MODE selective damping offers drivers the duality of supple comfort and thrilling sportiness. All at the touch of a button. Four electronically controlled dampers connect to a simple control unit to switch the on/off valve in each damper. It’s the ideal solution for an easy drive or a day at the races. Dual Mode was named 2016 winner of Vehicle Dynamics International Magazine car of the year.

  • 1 Adventure with road sense Based on your mood, Dual Mode lets you select your desired setting for the drive.
  • 2 Two characters. One car Explore your car’s full personality. Comfort or sportiness? Dual Mode lets you choose the one that suits you.

Available models

Check with your local dealer if the option is available in your country

  • Ford
  • Focus RS
  • Audi
  • A1
  • NT: Volkswagen
  • Polo
  • Seat
  • Arona, Ibiza
  • Skoda
  • Rapid, Kamiq
  • 1 From traffic to track Go from comfort to a more sporty ride, and back with the touch of a button.